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Here are some few of the things I’ve learned in 6 decades of living, 4 of them as a warrior protector serving in the military and on the street. I don’t claim to be one of Odin’s ravens bearing wisdom from on high, but I do wish that we would all learn from the mistakes of the past.

This article is about the best moment of my law enforcement career. To understand why it was the best, you also have to know a little about the worst day of my career.

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Many people collect bayonets and other militaria. Would they ever have any practical application for armed citizens? This posting, partially from notes I took during the Thunder Ranch Old Rifle course, briefly addresses the development of bayonets, my limited experience with them, and in what contexts you could possibly use one.

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A small “tactical” flashlight can be a useful force multiplier for personal defense. It’s quicker to use and brighter than a cell phone light. It also hurts more when used for striking. Some flashlights come with crenelated bezels, essentially making them edged weapons. This article explores different use of force options, examining landmark court cases relating to the use of impact tools, and flashlights as impact tools. It also addresses some aspects of race relations as they pertain to the optics of using force.

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This article shares lessons I’ve learned about night sights in the field. Do you need them? What are some of your options? Advantages and disadvantages of the different kinds? Read this to learn more.

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This article clarifies a misleading statement by the media, discusses the Fleeing Felon doctrine, and ends with some advice for responsibly armed citizens.

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