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A well trained warrior with inferior equipment will prevail over a novice with the best gear. Both will prevail over a novice with crappy gear, but a professional with good equipment, who knows how to use it, reigns supreme. As Michael Gaines says, “It’s not about the gear, but it sorta is.”
In this column we give you the unvarnished truth as we see it about various items touted for personal protection.
We also discuss different subspecies of weapons, so you will be able to make informed procurement decisions.
Lastly, because (as H.J. Poole pointed out) weapons and tactics are mutually dependent, we offer you tips and tricks for maximizing the effectiveness of specific systems.

A friend recently obtained a Byrna Technologies HD. The Byrna is a less lethal PepperBall launcher. It also launches hard plastic impact munitions similar in concept to bean bag rounds from a shotgun. We shot it a bit at “Robbie” …

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This article explains the whys and wherefores of everyone’s favorite part of the Kalashnikov series: the right side mounted mode-of-fire selector lever.

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Call it what you want. Some call them PDWs, personal defense weapons, after a unique brand of firearms initially considered for downed aircrew survival. Some call them “AR pistols” and “AK pistols.” Those are legal terms for getting around silly …

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They Used to be Hard to Get. In the Soviet section of my library, an old wind-up Russian alarm clock and Red Army belt with 5-sided star buckle gather dust on a shelf in front of the books. Both were …

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  Most people get guns for “GPs,” general purposes. But, like golf clubs, different guns have different niches in your battle plan. Before you get a gun (or another gun), you should have some idea what you plan to accomplish …

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This article outlines the history of long guns in police service during the past century or so, especially the last 50 years, comparing and contrasting the different types. Although there are some important lessons for the long gun armed citizen throughout, the article concludes with information specifically for rifle armed citizens (or those who are wondering if they ought to be). Originally published in February, 2021, this article was significantly revised in September 2021.

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We often hear those in the know referring to ARs as “carbines.” But doesn’t AR stand for Armalite Rifle? What’s the difference?   Carbines were originally short rifles issued to cavalry troopers. Troopers generally fought from the saddle with a …

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A travelogue of a very cold trip to Colorado, and some limited testing we did with the Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex pistol sight under semi-arctic conditions.

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