About Heloderm

Heloderm LLC is a small, veteran owned training organization based in Tucson, Arizona. We provide responsible citizens, law enforcement officers, and military personnel with skills and realistic, scenario basedexperience fragments” they can draw upon in times of crisis.

We train a variety of lifesaving subjects. Classes are are custom tailored to meet the needs and schedules of the customer.

Although we occasionally schedule specific courses, most of our classes are by appointment, at the customer’s request.

“Heloderm”?  Is that a skin disease?

Heloderma suspectum, the Gila Monster, is a native of the American Southwest. As lizards go, the Gila is relatively stubby and slow. An ancient creature, its beaded armor skin is believed to be a remnant of the dinosaur era. Gilas prefer to lay around in the sun, or the shade, depending on the temperature. They are rarely seen, but if you spot one on the trail, it will usually move out of your way and into cover. Gilas generally avoid confrontation and mind their own business.

HOWEVER, the Gila has a venomous bite. Once they latch on, they never let go. It’s not advisable to step on one.

Heloderm:  Because there is no safety in ignorance.