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Here are people who deserve some positive recognition. With all the negativity these days, it’s about time we acknowledge that the vast majority of people are good, and some are even extraordinarily selfless or helpful.

This homage to one of the most professional warrior protectors I know also elaborates on concepts and controversies of School Resource Officer (SRO) programs.

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This tribute to my Olympic Arena coach details lessons learned during three 6-month seasons of daily force on force competition, and beyond. It also explains some lesser understood aspects of nuclear deterrence and security, particularly during the second half of the 1980s, the climax of the Cold War.

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The tragic shooting of 07 May 2019 has several lessons you should learn, paid for in blood. Here are some of them.

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Most Americans believe we won the Revolutionary war by sniping at the Redcoats from behind trees and boulders. Not true. We did a lot of that, especially in the opening days of the war, when we were losing. Such so-called …

Baron von Steuben and Well Regulated American Volley Fire Read More »

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Butch Rupert was a an expert marksman, an exemplary shooting coach, and a wise mentor. Here are some things I learned from him.

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John Fox was ALL IN. He gave what little he had, and everything he was ever going to have, to save the lives of his fellow American GIs, and to liberate not only his own people, but all of Europe and the entire world, from the yoke of Nazi fascism.

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“Is George home yet?” It was our friend Ronnie, who was married to one of my fellow agents. It was mid morning. I had gone to work at ten the previous evening, and had not yet come back. But that …

In Praise of Law Enforcement Spouses Read More »

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The Patrol Agent in Charge (PAIC) of my old station had two admin assistants, both named Melissa. To avoid confusion, we got in the habit of referring to one as “Melissa Green Eyes,” and the other as “Melissa Brown Eyes.” …

Melissa Brown Eyes Read More »

One of the most profound turning points in my education as a rifleman occurred with an Enfield Jungle Carbine, under the tutelage of a Marine I’ll call Ray. Ray is one of my oldest and closest friends. We’d been team …

Ray and the Jungle Carbine Read More »