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Studying this info should make you a better protector. It’s provided to the public free, in the hopes of making our dangerous world a safer, better place.

This article explains the whys and wherefores of everyone’s favorite part of the Kalashnikov series: the right side mounted mode-of-fire selector lever.

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Here are definitions of some concepts we teach you about in our classes. Sometimes different trainers use different words to mean the same things; this glossary will hopefully help you clarify some of the “tacticool” words that get bandied about …

Glossary of Gunspeak Read More »

The tragic shooting of 07 May 2019 has several lessons you should learn, paid for in blood. Here are some of them.

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Something like 16 out of 17 times, when an armed citizen draws a gun in self defense, NO shots are fired. But the mere presence of a firearm, without relevant, practical, realistic training, will not ward off evil spirits like some magic talisman. Here are some dos and don’ts of how to tell a crook to go assault someone else.

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Call it what you want. Some call them PDWs, personal defense weapons, after a unique brand of firearms initially considered for downed aircrew survival. Some call them “AR pistols” and “AK pistols.” Those are legal terms for getting around silly …

Firing the Stockless Shortie Read More »

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Most people get guns for “GPs,” general purposes. But, like golf clubs, different guns have different niches in your battle plan. Before you get a gun (or another gun), you should have some idea what you plan to accomplish with …

ASR Rifles and ASR Med Kits Read More »

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Traditionally, training on improvised explosive devices (IEDs) has focused on how to recognize one, or how to differentiate a “suspicious” package from any other object in your environment. We might discuss how different IEDs are constructed, or what they are …

IEDs: A Different Approach Read More »

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This post outlines the whys and wherefores of various firearms safety handling systems.

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On Saturday, 28 Nov 2020, Warlizard Tactical and Heloderm LLC hosted an “industry day” at our favorite firing range.  We try to do that periodically, to give our wonderful volunteer range safety officers (RSOs), adjunct instructors, their friends, and family …

Industry Day, 28 Nov 2020 Read More »

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  “Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.” I grew up on Air Force fighter bases.  During my first Thunderbirds airshow, …

Mind the Gas Port Read More »

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What’s the difference, when they matter, when they don’t, and why you must have several in your repertoire. Some of this was written for the training summary of our 10 Oct 2020 Pistol fundamentals class, specifically addressing aspects of grip, …

Grip, Hold, and Stance Read More »

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Choosing a “carry condition” that fits your lifestyle and risk assessment well requires a thorough understanding of your options. What carry condition you chose will affect your safety and level of readiness, as well as how you should train for …

Alert Carry Conditions Read More »

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A travelogue of a very cold trip to Colorado, and some limited testing we did with the Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex pistol sight under semi-arctic conditions.

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A homeless panhandler’s average annual income is $500,000.00. Not including welfare, disability, handouts from kind people, or “stimulus” checks. Does that mean you should never slip the guy with the cardboard sign a few bucks?  Of course it doesn’t.  Whether …

The Lie: How Much Ammo Do You Need? Read More »

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We all knew there would be yet another run on ammunition.  I just figured it wouldn’t happen until the weeks leading up to the election. Firearms dealers have seen more panic buying since the Clinton administration than the 19th century …

COVID-19 and Practice Ammo Availability Read More »

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A student wrote to me after a class, asking about some phrases she had heard elsewhere:  “stand your ground” and “castle doctrine.”  Here are some of the things I explained to her. STAND YOUR GROUND The phrase “stand your ground” is often bandied about …

“Stand Your Ground” and “Castle Doctrine” in Arizona Read More »

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“I did my homework, and got off my wallet, to get a gun that never, ever jams.  So why do we have to practice stoppage reduction till we can do it blindfolded?” The following is taken from an after action …

Why hammer on the stoppage reduction drills? Read More »

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