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I picked these nuggets up in 4 decades of working around firearms. These articles are for deep divers who are really into guns, and want to know more. This Esoteric Firearms Knowledge (“EFK”) might not save your life, but it might save your skin if you’re down to your underwear playing strip Trivial Pursuit.

Many people collect bayonets and other militaria. Would they ever have any practical application for armed citizens? This posting, partially from notes I took during the Thunder Ranch Old Rifle course, briefly addresses the development of bayonets, my limited experience with them, and in what contexts you could possibly use one.

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This article explains and gives examples of why it’s vitally important to learn tactical skills right from the git-go, rather than starting with marksmanship-based, square flat range training and then trying to make a slow fire bullseye shooter into a fighter. We also tell you how to unlearn bad habits, if it’s too late for you to start the right way.

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Most Americans believe we won the Revolutionary war by sniping at the Redcoats from behind trees and boulders. Not true. We did a lot of that, especially in the opening days of the war, when we were losing. Such so-called …

Baron von Steuben and Well Regulated American Volley Fire Read More »

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They Used to be Hard to Get. In the Soviet section of my library, an old wind-up Russian alarm clock and Red Army belt with 5-sided star buckle gather dust on a shelf in front of the books. Both were …

The So-called “Krinks” Read More »

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Ever been issued a rifle or SMG that had a 3-round burst? You were probably told it was there to keep you from spraying and praying. Poppycock. Three-round burst was created to disburse bullets, not to improve accuracy or controllability. …

Burst Fire Misconceptions Read More »

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Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and Nogales, Arizona, USA are connected underground by a series of clandestine tunnels that link with the existing, legitimate stormwater drainage system. Select DEA, HSI, and CBP agents stationed along the Southern borders of California, Arizona, and …

Tunnel Rat: The Shooting Experience Read More »

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This article outlines the history of long guns in police service during the past century or so, especially the last 50 years, comparing and contrasting the different types. Although there are some important lessons for the long gun armed citizen throughout, the article concludes with information specifically for rifle armed citizens (or those who are wondering if they ought to be). Originally published in February, 2021, this article was significantly revised in September 2021.

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We often hear those in the know referring to ARs as “carbines.” But doesn’t AR stand for Armalite Rifle? What’s the difference?   Carbines were originally short rifles issued to cavalry troopers. Troopers generally fought from the saddle with a …

Carbines vs Rifles Read More »

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