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I picked these nuggets up in 4 decades of working around firearms. These articles are for deep divers who are really into guns, and want to know more. This Esoteric Firearms Knowledge (“EFK”) might not save your life, but it might save your skin if you’re down to your underwear playing strip Trivial Pursuit.

Ever been issued a rifle or SMG that had a 3-round burst? You were probably told it was there to keep you from spraying and praying. Poppycock. Three-round burst was created to disburse bullets, not to improve accuracy or controllability. …

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Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and Nogales, Arizona, USA are connected underground by a series of clandestine tunnels that link with the existing, legitimate stormwater drainage system. Select DEA, HSI, and CBP agents stationed along the Southern borders of California, Arizona, and …

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That Which is Perceived as Real Becomes Real in its Consequences. Despite their limited effective range, shotguns have traditionally been the standard long gun of uniformed patrol officers. It’s easy to understand why. Most city police field contacts are at …

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We often hear those in the know referring to ARs as “carbines.” But doesn’t AR stand for Armalite Rifle? What’s the difference? Carbines were originally short rifles issued to cavalry troopers. Troopers generally fought from the saddle with a handgun …

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