Running & Gunning

Running & Gunning

Dynamics of Movement in Interpersonal Confrontation

A class for intermediate level defensive shooters

Ever wonder why law enforcement officers have a 99% hit rate during qualifications, but only a 20% hit rate in violent confrontations?  There are many reasons, but a main one is that in training, the target stands still, and so do they.  The street is exactly the opposite.

Heloderm will teach you how you can expect your assailant to move, and how you should move, so you live long enough to take the fight back to him.

This will not just be “Groucho walking” and “Macarena” box drills.  We will move QUICKLY off the line of attack.  The first half of the day will be force-on-force exercises and demonstrations against living opponents, using safety technologies such as Airsoft, barrel inserts, and lasers.  The afternoon will be live fire exercises reinforcing the skills you learned in the morning.

Some of the subjects covered:

Deflecting and defeating contact (edged / impact) weapons at close range

Trading space for time

Off-lining and controlling knives and guns when you have no space to trade

Using timing to defeat impact weapons

Rearward obliques (establishing homeostasis of distance in a running fight against edged weapons, starting at medium range)

Changes of direction combined with Center Axis Relock when chased

Forward obliques with dynamic changes of direction to counter traverse

Progressively accurate marksmanship

Cost: $90 ($81 for returning Heloderm or Warlizard Tactical students)

Other discounts available for military, law enforcement, and their families


You need not have trained with Heloderm before, but THIS IS NOT AN INTRODUCTION TO SHOOTING CLASS.  Bring basic safety, handling, and marksmanship skills with you.  If you are not sure if your skills are up to the level required, please let us know.  If you’re not quite there, we may be able to GET your skills up to the required level beforehand.