Pushing the Envelope of Iron Sights

Pushing the Envelope of Iron Sights

Iron Sights have been with us since there were firearms. Now, an entire generation has come up using reflex optics as a primary rifle sight. At the same time, police academies that used to require some pistol shooting at 50 yards or more now limit their officers to qualifying at 25.

This course will be more than just a review of the tips and tricks for using Iron Sights. The curriculum will have three major areas of focus:

  • Heloderm’s signature Optics Failures course: immediate action for if, not when, your battery powered wonder sight either fails or is damaged in a fight.
  • Delving deep into using iron rifle sights for precision engagement–no, the two are not mutually exclusive.
  • Pushing pistol engagement with iron sights to 100 meters, where the front sight is much larger than the target; it requires more stability, and significant holdover.

We will also work on other aspects of safe and effective weapons handling.

Tuition for this half-day class is $50, $45 for returning Heloderm students. Deeper discounts are available for military, first responders, and CNAs. Plan on shooting around 160 rounds of rifle ammo and 120 pistol. Further details will be made available once you have registered for the course.