Pre-Qual Tuneup sessions

Pre-Qual Tuneup sessions

If your military or law enforcement qualification is coming up, and you:

  • Don’t always pass on the first try, or

  • Always pass, but want to do better, or

  • You’re always just a few points shy of earning that marksmanship ribbon or badge,

. . . come to us beforehand to knock the rust off your skills.

We will help you get up to speed AT COST. You’ll only need to pay for range rental (if any) and the ammunition. It’s our way of thanking you for wearing that uniform.

Military small arms qualifications are few and far between. They don’t help you maintain excellence, they only get you back up to a barely minimum standard. You can do better than that.

This Special Forces candidate wanted to up his handgun game before taking the Q course

George, our lead instructor, ran firearms qualifications for the Army, the Air Force, and law enforcement agencies for decades. It always amazed him how the military in particular could take an activity that should be fun–a day out of the shop, where they give you free ammo–and wring any possible enjoyment out of it.

Further, running large numbers of students through, assembly-line fashion, means that the block officers / range safety officers only have time to address one or two “problem children” out of every 5 or 7 troops. They don’t have the bandwidth or time to help that good shooter become great, or to give someone who’s really struggling the remediation they need.

They treat everyone like Barney Fife, then are surprised when they create an army of Barney Fifes.

We, on the other hand, will give you the individualized attention and professional instruction you deserve, so that you will walk into your next qualification confident and competent.

Reach our to us via the contact form below if your qualification fire is coming up, or you just want to get better with the tools of your trade.

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