Defensive Pistol Phase II (Range)

Defensive Pistol Phase II (Range)

This course is geared towards those who already have a basic foundation in operating a handgun, and want to learn more about how to use one in a fight.

The main emphasis of this class is the close range fight, although we will practice some medium – long range options.

We will review safe handling and manipulations, but after ensuring all participants are up to par, we will soon move on to:

  • Keeping your handgun when someone is trying to take it away
  • Using your handgun as an impact tool to buy space -> time -> options if, for example, you have a stoppage at close range
  • Dos and don’ts of issuing challenges
  • Shooting toward all angles on the clock, not just directly in front
  • Defensive / reactive movement
  • Communication with suspects, bystanders, and police dispatch
  • Working with and around a partner
  • Using micro-terrain to your advantage
  • Detecting, avoiding, and mitigating threats from street contacts
  • Close contact retention fire
  • Impeded slide movement
  • Trading up to a partner’s weapon in a close range fight
  • Trading up to a long gun (a bad guy’s or yours) in response to a coordinated attack
  • Integrating handguns and combatives

This class is a half-day in the summer time, and all day in the cooler months.

Tuition for half-day classes is $50 for new students, $45 for returning Heloderm students.

Tuition for all-day classes is $90 for new students, $81 for returning students.

We will, at different times during the course, use various methodologies, including live fire, simulators, and role-playing exercises.

Pre-registration is required. Reach out via the contact form below to let us know if you are interested. Tell us your preferred contact method (we still like email), and we will get back with you about directions, an equipment list, and other details.

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