Ground Pistol Fighting

Ground Pistol Fighting


On 26 Jan 2008, Officer Jared Reston chased a shoplifting suspect out of the Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville, Florida.  The suspect shot him in the chin with a .45, knocking him down.  Reston said he kept trying to “fight my way to my feet to get a good pistol stance.”

The first rule of ground fighting is DON’T, but gravity happens.

You need to have some idea what to do if you wind up there.  You can fight from the ground if you know how.

We will do some live fire, while doing our best to stretch your precious little ammunition supply for maximum training impact.

Please bring a tarp, mat, or section of carpet to throw down.  You will also learn to fight from positions between completely horizontal and completely vertical, as well as how to use maximize your shelter with even meager cover.

Please contact us if you want this sort of training.