Vehicle Incidents

Vehicle Incidents


Not too long ago, in the Walmart parking lot at Speedway and Kolb in Tucson, three gang bangers attempted a carjacking. That being in Arizona, not Massachusetts or California, the owner of the car shot the one who threatened him with a gun. The others fled and were apprehended by the police a short time later.

Most people spend most of their time at home (especially in the COVID era).  About a third of our lives are spent at work. After work and home, the next biggest portion of your time is spent in a vehicle of some kind. A person’s home is their “castle and fortress,” and businesses are beginning to pay more than lip service to security. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of ambushes occur in transit.

This course will introduce you to Fighting In and Around Vehicles (with and without guns), as well as when to get away from the “death box.” You’ll learn avoidance strategies as well as worst-case options. As much as feasible, we will have you work with your own vehicle, so you know that the training you get will work for YOU.

The very first thing you should know is how to use your vehicle AS a vehicle to escape from dangerous situations. In an ambush, the driver’s job is to drive. Our students learn how to back up, fast, around a track with various types of corners, curves, and turns. With crowds, escaping with your life (and not being arrested for attempted vehicular manslaughter) may means SLOWING DOWN instead of speeding up. We give you experience fragment training so the first time you find yourself in such a situation, it won’t be your first time.

If you’re putting the shopping cart away when somebody jumps in the car with your spouse or kids and attempts to drive off with them, how do you threaten him–or, God forbid, shoot into the car if necessary–without endangering the other passengers? In this class, you’ll practice options for such worst-case scenarios.


Please contact us if you are interested in learning to avoid and survive confrontations in transit.


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