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5 Comments on “Testimonials

  1. I just wanted to say thank you again for all of that training.
    I took a trip to Glendale with the kids the other day and a man, who looked like a police sketch if I’ve ever seen one, parked in front of me at a McDonald’s in the middle of nowhere. He sat there and watched me feed the kids in the car for 25 minutes before he drove off without going through the drive through or in the store.
    Thanks to you I was able to notice so many things about him that screamed red flag. 100 degrees outside and he was wearing a dark grey hoodie, a hat and sunglasses. I made sure to make it obvious I could see him and his behavior was coming across as creepy. And I set the markers for if he gets out of the car I tell him to “stay the hell away” and if he makes it by the passenger front door I’m gunna shoot him. I happened to be on the phone with my brother the whole time so I gave him the guy’s description, told him what exit I had pulled off on and gave him the make, model and color of the car. Like I said, he drove off without a problem and who knows if anything would have actually happened but I like to think it’s because I saw the signs and prevented anything from happening.
    There is nothing better I could have spent my time on than learning to protect myself and my family. Thank you for providing the opportunity and giving me the skills that make a difference. Thank you George.
    Veda M
    Wife and mother of two

  2. Hello George, Joel, and Greg,
    I just wanted to take the time to write and say THANK YOU for running the class on Saturday. I have been shooting firearms all of my adult life and I can say I learned many new skills and techniques to help move me along with honing my firearms handling ability.
    It was great sharing this experience with my son and among friends along with some new friends as well!!
    I will admit I had some sore muscles I did know I had the next morning.
    Take care and hope to see you soon.
    Pete R

  3. I am a 56-year-old left-handed female with arthritis in my hands. I bought a .38 Special (revolver) and taught myself how to hit a target at 15 feet. I got my CCW several years ago but I was not comfortable carrying a gun on my person. I was telling a friend about this and he said, “Call George at Heloderm”. I am glad I followed his advice!

    George spent a lot of time with me during that first contact; learning about what I felt my skill level was and what my goals were. When we met in person, he was quickly able to assess my actual skill level and to determine what I needed to learn to reach my goals. Through multiple courses, individual instruction, phone calls and lengthy email exchanges, George has taught me, encouraged me, and gently corrected me in the pertinent areas of carrying, drawing and firing my weapon. He knew how to shoot left handed and even recommended alternative methods of holding and firing my revolver that protected my hands. All of the questions I asked were thoughtfully and respectfully answered. George knows a lot about a lot.

    What I really appreciate about his instruction methods and knowledge base is that he is able to provide instruction spanning those who have never touched a gun all the way to expert shooters using just about any type of gun that fires a bullet. George meets you where you are. Through training with George, I learned about grip, concealed carry methods, situational awareness, how to draw my weapon for multiple situations, and considerations when firing the weapon under various conditions. The realistic scenarios and hands on experiences planted seeds that will help me respond efficiently and effectively if I ever have to.

    There is a lot more to CCW than learning the laws and taking a course. Carrying a lethal weapon is a huge responsibility and requires good decision-making skills along with the physical skills of managing a weapon and hitting a target. Through George’s support, encouragement, and knowledge, I am confident carrying my revolver and have even began to upgrade to a Glock 17.

    Training from George is personalized and individualized and also extremely realistic. I intend to continue to take courses with George (Heloderm) and would highly recommend George (Heloderm) for anyone interested in developing shooting skills or increasing their level of skill. I am grateful for how much he has helped me to reach this level of skill and confidence.

  4. I started taking clinics with Heloderm and Warlizard Tactical about a year ago. George, Joel, Michael, Emma and all of the instructors are great to work with. I have learned so much from them.
    I have earned my concealed carry permit, practiced marksmanship, learned the major importance of gun safety, and so much more working with them.
    Whether you are Military, Law Enforcement, a skilled marksman, or even if you have never touched a firearm before, these clinics will take you to the next level.
    In these uncertain times we all need to learn to safely protect ourselves and our loved ones. This is the place.

    • Thanks, Penny! We’re all very proud of the progress you’ve made, and especially of your persistence! You’ll be running with the big dogs soon!–George