Private In-home Sessions

Private In-home Sessions

These were a good idea long before ammunition became scarce.

For those new to defensive pistolcraft, we give you a sound foundation on what goes on in fights, and what the limitations and advantages of firearms are, in solving human problems.

Then we get hands-on with your tools, in your environment.

We start with laser barrel inserts, and then move up to Airsoft: plastic pellet pistols that have recoiling slides, a milder version of what you’ll experience when you fire your pistol on the range. We use a simple but effective pellet trap to keep the plastic projectiles from bouncing into your walls or furniture.

Later, when we get to live fire at a range, you will be amazed at the rapid success of those who have already “worked their way up” through dry, laser, and / or Airsoft practice, over those who have only done live fire.


In-home Low-Light and Tactical Training

Those who already have substantial live-fire marksmanship and handling skills can still improve greatly through a system of at-home dry practice training. What’s more, we can turn your house into a Decision Shooting (Shoot / Don’t Shoot) facility, with role-playing Use-of-Force scenarios.

We primarily use lasers for HTE (Human Target Engagement) training, although we can also use Airsoft or marking cartridges with proper protective gear.

We can also teach you to integrate your long guns into your plans.


Security Consulting

Our instructors have over a century of combined law enforcement, crime prevention, and security experience. We can help you identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of your castle.

Armed with that knowledge, you can select effective strategies for defense or escape, should either become necessary–and then practice the TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) you’ll need to implement your chosen plans.

Call or use the contact form below to schedule your own in-home training sessions, tailored to your skill levels, needs, and desires. Let Heloderm bring the training to you!

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