Pistol Fundamentals Clinics, 24 Oct & 14 Nov 2020

Pistol Fundamentals Clinics, 24 Oct & 14 Nov 2020

This course is offered by our training partners at Warlizard Tactical.  It’s a great way to get more experience and trigger time, and work on your fundamentals, without breaking the bank for tuition.

But it won’t ONLY be the fundamentals.  We split the students into groups so you can be taught at your own skill level.  That way, if you have a good foundation already, you’re not bored, and if your sig-o is a beginner, he or she won’t feel overwhelmed.

To beat the heat, this half-day class will start at 0700.  Tuition for this clinic is $30.

After class, there will be optional training for those wishing to obtain an Arizona Concealed Carry permit.

Visit the Warlizard site or contact us through the form below for details.

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