Ladies’ Personal Protection

Ladies’ Personal Protection

These courses focus on security risks that are unique to females, or in which females are most often targeted. Examples include:

  • Abductions while jogging, leaving work after hours, leaving bars, or walking home from parties / after school
  • Stranger rape
  • Date rape
  • Stalking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mass Casualty InCel attacks
  • “Uber” kidnapping (ride share impostors)

Ladies’ Personal Protection is ideal for college coeds, high schoolers about to enter the dating scene, and those who close up businesses or work late shifts; but ladies from eight to eighty will feel empowered and safer after taking it.

As with our other courses, our objective is not to make you fearful. Instead, we equip you with knowledge of criminal TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures), counter-surveillance tools, and the situational awareness you can use to keep from being victimized in the first place. Predators select easy targets; they will notice if you are paying attention and look like you know what you are doing. You will look like you know how to handle yourself if you actually DO know how to handle yourself.

Because women leaving work, bars, and parties are often abducted in their own cars (before being transferred to the bad guy’s car on some side-street or in some vacant parking lot), we spend some time working in and around your own vehicle to teach you means of escape, or strategies if escape is not possible.

Our emphasis is on empty-hands techniques and on commonly available defensive tools such as OC (pepper spray). We can also teach you retention techniques, should a firearm be part of your defensive plan.

This training can take place in your home. As with our other offerings, we require a minimum of two students, so you can spar against each other. With minor students (less than 18 years old) we require at least one parent to attend, so that afterward you can be on the same sheet of music when you work on a defensive plan that makes sense for your entire family.

A spouse learns how to escape from the mounted position, while her husband role-plays a bad guy trying to take her gun.

Ask the other nurses on your shift, or the students in your dorm, or the teachers on your team, or the wait staff who help you close your restaurant if they’d like to learn some lifesaving skills together!

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