Defensive Pistol Skill Builder, 16 May 2021

Defensive Pistol Skill Builder, 16 May 2021

This class is geared toward those who have taken our Phase I Defensive Pistol (DP1A) courses, in a home or classroom.

Perhaps you have shot a few times or more–or maybe you never have, but you’ve practiced marksmanship and manipulations dry. You’ve learned the theories about what goes on in fights. Now it’s time to prove to yourself you can bring kinetic energy to bear, should the bad guy’s actions warrant deadly force.

To preserve your precious training ammo, we’ll be running about 5 dry practice runs through each skill before we practice it with live fire.

The curriculum for this course will be similar to, and nearly as intensive as, our live-fire Phase II Defensive Pistol (DP1B) courses.

So we can better address the needs of newer armed defenders, we will limit the size of the 16 May class to about 4 couples or 8 individuals.

Class will start at 0700 and run till we decide it’s too hot out. Please contact us to reserve your slot(s) in this class and get more specifics.

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