This was a joint venture between Heloderm and our partners from Warlizard Tactical. We used multiple methodologies, including simulators, Airsoft, and live fire. A great deal of the class involved movement and use of various types of cover, including Warlizard’s V-Tac type walls. We started with close quarters drills, using an (inert) AR to parry impact weapons following up with dynamic oblique movement and clothes-lining. We practiced different manipulations, including one handed stoppage reduction and fire. One target-discrimination drill involved memorizing the black and white photo of an “active shooter’s” face, sprinting about 50 meters, retrieving the AR and other gear from a car, sprinting to a different range, and finding the “suspect” in a geographically dispersed array of multiple targets with different color photo faces and a host of no-shoot “bystanders.” It culminated in transition to uniformed control of the scene without getting shot by the good guys. We practiced “swimming” in and out of slings, and several other aspects of “tactical slingology.” The last part of the class involved fighting around vehicles. Students shot automobiles to learn what their cartridges will and will not do. We demonstrated shallow-angle ricochet off car hoods. Students shot at targets through laminated windshield glass, learning likely effects upon trajectory.