Level 1 Lifesaver

Level 1 Lifesaver

This class is offered by our friends at Warlizard Tactical.  The instructors, Joel and Michael G, are former Army, and currently NAEMT certified Tactical Emergency Casualty Care providers.

The Level 1 Lifesaver (L1LS) course uses the military MARCH algorithm to reduce mortality and morbidity following penetrating trauma.  Make no mistake:  if you trade bullets with someone, you should EXPECT to be hit, or to have to treat someone who is hit.  We have an excellent EMS system in the United States, but they are usually prohibited from entering the scene of a shooting until it has been declared free of hostiles by the police.  While the cops are ruling out the presence of any other possible bad guys, your loved one may be bleeding out.  Their fate will be in God’s hands–and yours.

In L1LS, you will learn how to:

  • Evaluate a casualty
  • Control Massive Bleeding – tourniquet, hemostatic agents, wound packing, etc
  • Manage an obstructed airway
  • Intervene for respiratory trauma
  • Perform hands-only CPR (MICR)
  • Prevent/Manage Hypothermia and Shock

They will also cover trauma gear and how to build a good IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).

This class contains hands-on practical exercises using props and training partners.

You will receive a training certificate and wallet card listing 6 hours of Warlizard Tactical BLS training.

To register for this class, visit the Warlizard Tactical website.