Defensive Shotgun, 30 Jan 2021

Defensive Shotgun, 30 Jan 2021

In this era of hijacked protests turned into riots, the old-fashioned “riot gun” is making a comeback.  Many people still use shotguns for the bunkering down phase of home defense.  But as the carbine has gained popularity, corporate knowledge of how to keep the venerable scattergun fed and happy is waning.  The shotgun has many idiosyncrasies, limitations, and unique capabilities that are no longer commonly understood.

On Saturday, 30 Jan 2021, our friends at Warlizard Tactical will host an Introduction to Defensive Shotgun course.  Students will learn basic manipulations, and how to “pattern” their scatterguns at various ranges (for ammo selection and also so you know the distance at which the size of your pattern will exceed the width of a man-sized target).  In our next installment of the Shotgun series, you’ll practice how to keep your shotgun from being off-lined and taken away.  We’ll discuss your load options, and explode some myths.  When we get done, you’ll have a better understanding of what your shotgun will and won’t do, and you’ll be much more capable of maximizing its advantages.


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