Defensive Pistol

Defensive Pistol

This is NOT an “Intro to Pistol” class.  Instead of teaching you how to shoot, we will teach you how to FIGHT with a pistol you already know how to shoot.

During summer months in Arizona, we break this course down into two half day blocks.  The first phase, DP1A, is conducted indoors.  Our most recent DP1A was on 01 Aug 2020; the corresponding phase II (DP1B) was on Saturday, 29 August.

Like most Heloderm defensive offerings, DP1 starts by working through the close-range fight in detail.  During this pandemic, we will still do that, but unless your training partner is also a “significant other” or family member with whom you already share living space, we will modify our DP1 material to maintain sufficient social distance between trainees, for the duration.  We can also teach you how to keep your pistol when someone is trying to take it away–even if he is on top of you–and how to off-line and control an opponent’s weapons so you live long enough to get to yours, but again, only if you bring an intimate training partner to class.

We focus on human behavior and thought processes in fights; how to minimize your “freeze” time, and how to get inside your opponent’s OODA cycle.  We practice strategies for street encounters.  We introduce movement and practice stress proof, flow chart stoppage reduction that works even if you can’t see what you’re doing.

Cost for this 6 hour class: $50

Other discounts available for military, law enforcement, and their families


You need not have trained with Heloderm before, but again, THIS IS NOT AN INTRODUCTION TO SHOOTING CLASS.  Bring basic safety, handling, and marksmanship skills with you.  If you are not sure if your skills are up to the level required, please tell us using the contact form below.  If you’re not quite there, we may be able to GET your skills up to the required level beforehand.

Required equipment:

A handgun

300 rounds of standard practice ammunition (we will probably not use that much, but better to have it an not need it; you can always shoot it later)

A sturdy holster

A sturdy belt

Spare magazines, speed loaders, or zip strips, and some place to keep them on your person

A cover garment

Eye and ear protection (preferably ear plugs AND electronic earmuffs)

Hat, sunscreen, hydration, snacks

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, YOU WILL NEED TO WEAR A FACE MASK DURING INDOOR PORTIONS.  You will be encouraged to wear a mask outdoors as well.

If you do not have some of this gear, please let us know beforehand so we can arrange for loaner equipment.

Contact us via the form below if you want to arrange training with us.

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